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Here’s the list of “1000 Places to See Before You Die” named in the book “A Traveler’s Life List” by Patricia Schultz. It seems to be a cult book as well… I wonder what it is with lists and people and how people want to prick the lists…

I’m not quite convinced that this would be the ultimate list… There’s a lot of places that are of no interest to me, like clubs, restaurants etc.

The following follows Galen Frysinger’s list of 350 of these over 1000 places.

Verona, sure, and Naples, Pisa, Rome, Venice, Ravenna is a must on my list, Florence, Milan – Sardinia and Sicily, sure. Monaco I want to see too. Trieste would be nice. That’s 12.

Victoria Falls, of course. And to follow the Nile to Egypt and then visit all the places in Egypt – to see the light show at the pyramids… Khartoum and Aswan, the Valley of the Kings, Kairo and Alexandria… Alexandria’s new library is also a must 😉 (And one can take the Murchison Falls National Park while at it.)

Acadia National Park is most certainly a very nice place, but… so is every other national park in every country, and those are not in the list, so why is Acadia? So, sorry, but I’m not going to expect to experience Acadia before I die.

The same goes with Preservation Hall. New Orleans, most certainly a must, French Quarters, yes, but Preservation Hall? I doubt I’d miss it.

Grand Canyon – yes, that I want to see.

Zanzibar’s Stone Town, yes.

La Digue? Why not. And to see the Black Paradise Flycatcher in nature… Seychelles is a place to visit, so add Aldabra as well. I got a book when I was a child about wonderful places on earth, and Seychelles were presented in it.

Etosha sounds like an interesting place, though I don’t think it’s anything that special.It would be nice to travel from Madagascar to Mauritius and on to India over the Indian Ocean…

When I was small we always told to people to go to Timbuktu, it being a place far, far away. So it would be nice to see it.

But – places to see before I die? No.

I’m not too interested in safaris, white sand beaches, Tahiti or Hawai’i, seeing how the king of Siam lived, national parks and such.

Easter Islands and Galapagos Islands – yeah, sure, it would be nice, but – not on my absolute list.

I’m not too interested of seeing how people live in distant villages in Chile, Peru, Indonesia, Canada or Switzerland.

I am not too interested in visiting the houses, graveyards and other “places” where someone who sometimes was someone lived and worked.

Alhambra I want to see, so Granada is on my list, so is Istanbul.

I’d like to visit Acropolis and Angkor Wat.

I’d like to visit the Forbidden City and The Wall.

In fact, this list is not for me.

I’d like to visit the great cities of Europe, with long history.
I’d like to follow the Silk Road. I’d like to make the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

I’d like to “follow Moses’ footsteps”, and take a round trip from Egypt to Jordan and Israel.
I’d like to take the “Around the World in 80 days” journey.
I’d like to take the Orient Express and Trans Siberian Railroad.
I want culture, cultural connections, history.

Here’s a list of 851 sites everyone should see before they die…
World Heritage Sites

And here’s the 7 wonders of the world – several sets, actually 😉

Mystical Journeys
New Age Travel
– guide to mystical places on earth

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“I did a crazy patchwork vest for my 4-year-old niece, painstakingly decorated and added embroideries to appeal, and buttons and beads. It took me weeks: my sister-in-law offered me $4 as payment ‘as scraps were only used.’

My very first lap quilt that I made was done with 12 blocks different patterns–all done by hand–I was very proud of it and gave it to my mother-in-law: she used it as the dogs blanket.

I gave my father in law a decoupaged, papier-mache book box for his bible with angels and clouds, gold embellishments, and sayings: he thanked my 6-year-old for the lovely box he made!
Just one more: they call my house ‘the fire trap’ because of my collections for crafting!”
— Julie

Er… What a horrible family she married herself into!

Leaf book box

“As scraps were only used”…
Firstly, I don’t think any payment would have been necessary, but if the SIL had asked her to do the vest against payment, then it’s another issue.
Secondly, this story reminds me of the sock story I heard during Socktober 2006…
A woman was knitting socks in public and some stranger came by and admired the socks. She wanted her to knit her a pair as well. The knitter asked if it was ok with… let’s say 10 dollars wage for one hour’s work, and the lady thought it was ok. Then the knitter tells the lady that in that case the socks – yarn and work – would cost her over 100 dollars…
(Or something like that. I don’t quite remember the story, but this is the spirit of it.)
So – the MATERIALS for the vest didn’t probably cost too much – even though the embellishment, embroidery threads etc. cost more than I like – but the WORK put in it was way more than “scraps”…

I really don’t like people who see the crafts as just pottering and worth nothing… Of course, it’s rather effortless to me, but I have several years of education and a natural talent for crafting. Somehow it’s especially people born with a thumb in the middle of their hand, people who couldn’t knit a sock or sew a button to save their lives, who has the least appreciation and understanding of the value of crafting.

About the MIL’s blanket – perhaps she loves the dog more than her children, and therefore giving the quilt to the dog was giving it a very honorable and high place in the family… One never knows.

About FIL’s Bible box – Quite a compliment to the 6-years-old… and perhaps he appreciates and uses it because he thinks it’s made by his grandchild 😉

But… I’m 100% sure of that the box did NOT look like made by a child…
And as the family “lovingly” refers to their DIL/SIL’s house as “fire trap”, they KNOW she does things like that… It wouldn’t take a lot of intelligence and ability to draw conclusions to KNOW that the box was made by the MOTHER of the 6-year-old, and not the child. Considering that… What a f-ing insult to say to a crafter that her work is child’s play, unskillfully done, looks like something kids do in kindergarten… *brr*

“My friend Nancy is a masterful and prolific quilter. She created a beautiful baby quilt for a friend. When she presented this wonderful gift to her friend, the mother-in-law said the quilt was so beautiful Nancy couldn’t possibly have made it.”
— Anne

P.S. As I was checking out the other Interweave Press magazines, I found this: “Monk’s Belt”
That I can do too with my little children’s play loom 🙂 Looks very nice, I think 🙂

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*Fabric and Fiber Postcards (Fiber PC’s)

More examples of fabric postcards

*Artist Trading Dolls (ATD)

*Fiber Art Trading Card (ATC)

*Artist Trading Pins (ATP)

Here’s some nice buttons
and here Bunch of Brooches

*Fiber Inchies

*Fiber Trading Books

* Mini Doll Quilts

All these art forms are related to each other. This is miniature fabric art.
A fabric postcard is a 3-1/2″ x 5″ fabric block
A fiber art trading card is a 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ fabric block
An artist trading doll is a “hybrid” of an ATC and a paperdoll. I have noticed that they are often made in “jumping jack” form, with movable limbs.
A fabric inchie
is – naturally – a 1″ x 1″ fabric block
A fiber art trading pin is a pin, a brooch, made of fabric – no limits in size, techniques or form

A fiber art trading book
is a fabric book – a book made of fabric. Here too there are no limits. Some make the whole book of fabric, like children’s picture books, some make an altered book, covering an existing book with fabric art blocks.
A doll quilt is exactly what it says – a miniature quilt, doll size. So – it too can alter in size from ATC size to baby quilt size. The doll quilts are usually very traditional pieced quilts, but the fabric artists are getting into this area of fiber crafts as well.

I think this is very exciting and inspiring… Now if I only could stop procrastinating and get some done 😀

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I am a beautiful, hairy woman.

Don’t you dare to tell me I’m disgusting, because I haven’t shaven!
Don’t you dare to tell me I make you sick!

I was born to be this way. Men who want their “women” hairless, don’t want WOMEN. Only CHILDREN are hairless. And believe me… a woman has less hair than a man, unless he’s unusually hairless and she unusually hairy…

So if you think I’m not sexy because I have hairy legs, armpits, arms – perhaps even a little mustache or hair on my belly or breasts, YOU are the sick one – YOU are the disgusting one.



I just saw the documentary “F*** Off, I’m a Hairy Woman” by Shazia Mirza… and I’m FUMING!!! I will never ever shave ANYTHING again. I might become a bearded lady when I’m old, but so be it! I’m fat and hairy and I am NOT ugly, smelly or disgusting and I don’t have problems with my hormones!

Times OnLine about the show

Fluffy Woman
Hairy Pits


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Another great stocking stuffer 🙂
(Yes, put in a couple of coins… everyone appreciates it LOL)

Zippered Pouch with Pocket (more pouches and pockets in the right hand column)
Easy Change Purse
Very simple coin-card-whatever purse
Arm Band Purse
Milk Carton Coin Purse
Bird Coin Purse
Front Zippered Pouch
Zippered Wristlet
20’s finger purse
Jean’s felted coin purse
teepee coin purse
Cookie coin purse
fortune cookie coin purse
flower necklace with coin purse
ponytail holders and mini coin purse
crocheted flower coin purse
Ice Cream Kitties Coin Purse (or some kind of animal…)
Simply Seamless Pouch
One Button Coin Purse
Quick and easy coin purse
Coin Purse
Square Coin Purse
Round Coin Purse
Drawstring Coin Purse
Neck Coin Purse
Reticule Coin Purse
Flower button wallet
Now… I don’t appreciate or condone demolishing books, but if… IF… you have a no-use tiny book you CAN destroy, here’s an idea
And here’s… just so… well… you know. Duct Tape Wallet

Omiyake – handmade gifts from fabrics in the Japanese tradition – copy of the book

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rabbit tracks
Originally uploaded by ketutar

You could easily knit a pretty scarf as a stocking filler 🙂

This “Feathers and Fans” lace pattern is easy and quick, and a good way to learn to knit lace.

“how to”?
feather and fan lace

Here’s the “rabbit tracks” I made for a swap pal a year (or two) ago – I think it looks like cat paw marks 🙂

Very pretty scarf
Misty Garden scarf
“Old Fashioned Shell Tidy”
Wave and Shell shawl
Knitpicks has a “Shadows” scarf – it might be a little problematic to get to the pattern though… Go through “patterns – scarfs” (You will find other nice patterns as well ;-))
Feather and Fan baby blanket – just make it narrow enough
Feather and Fan lace scarf

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It’s August…

funny, actually… It’s been August for two weeks now. It’s soon September. Time flies…

This month’s theme in “Month of Softies” is “The Place Where I Live”.
“This can be as broad or as narrow as you like, from the favorite room in your house, to the universe itself. What can you create in softie form that would represent this place?”

Tie One On had a July-August theme… and I missed to check it up already in July 😉
It’s “local pride” 🙂 I’m very locally proud 🙂 FINLAND!!!!!

And the colors for the current Color*iffic swap are red, blue and yellow. Yuk.

There’s some interesting swaps going on, but I’m going to be strong. No more swaps for me.

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