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Holiday Ornament Swap

In Flickr there’s a lot of talented, creative and energetic crafters and some of them who love Yule have come together for a couple of Yules now to create a Holiday Ornament Swap

I am tempted to join, but I have a problem… Even though I fully appreciate and acknowledge the swap members’ talent, creativity and work, I am picky… Damn picky. I would love to get SOME of the amazing ornaments the people have made… but I would HATE to get some others… I am fully aware that it’s MY problem.

I can’t understand the color combinations some people choose… Even if people are given colors – red, green and white – they manage to choose combinations that would force me to put the poor ornament out of its misery and probably give it to my mother, because I couldn’t throw away a piece of craft someone has put time, love and work to do… I at least EXPECT people to have put time, love and work to make these ornaments… Then there are people who HATE red, white and green, and LOVE blue and purple, and INSIST making the ornaments in blue and purple… *yuk*

There’s certain charm in “badly” made things, “primitive” things, and such, but the thing is that they are to be made “badly” with a lot of skills and good taste. And I’m sorry to say this, there’s “prims” that don’t look like they are made with skills and taste.  Now, I’m not saying there are such in THIS group, I’m talking more out of my fears than experience and knowledge. This is very prejudicious post. PLEASE, don’t think I’m talking about YOU.

Anyway, I don’t appreciate ornaments in swaps like this that look like something I did when I wasn’t 10 yet…

Then there’s the “shabby chic” and kitsch… Now, kitsch is a VERY DELICATE ISSUE.
I generally dislike majolica. But then every now and then I meet a piece of majolica I LOVE. I dislike kitsch as well. Cupids and kittens and Victorian crap, a lot of glitter and “vintage” “retro” for the sake of nostalgy… you KNOW what I mean. And there too, every now and then I see a piece of kitsch that has “it”. But as kitsch is a VERY DELICATE ISSUE, it’s safer to say I don’t like kitsch at all… It takes just one tiny thing to make it SO WRONG instead of SO RIGHT.

For example these vintage ornaments. Red is ok, yellow is lovely, blue is WRONG!!! Why? Because of the HORRRRRRIBLE RED NOEL! Some people would think that red noel makes it just right, and that’s great, because the blue ornament deserves to be loved too, but what if I get that person as my swap pal? She will destroy my ornament with a tiny, ugly detail, because to HER it wasn’t good without it! *sigh*

Very close to shabby chic and kitsch is the gothic, macabre, cross, slightly sick sense of aesthetic – like Nightmare Before Christmas. That too has to be JUST RIGHT to be the least right.

Another thing is that I would like the effort and material costs to be somewhat equal, and I use myself as a meter. Well… it isn’t that hard to transfer a print on fabric and quickly sew a pillow of it or so, but a tissue paper snowflake… How ever skillfully done, it just doesn’t quite add up to the level. I know, I’m not actually qualified to criticize, as I participated in an ornament swap with small crocheted pickles – not very exciting or fancy, I admit. It didn’t take long and it really wasn’t up to the quality of the things in the Holiday Ornament Swap, but to my defense I can say I had A LOT to do… as always at this time of the year. If I’d participate in HOS, I’d start preparing the packages already in January. And I promise, it would be better than a Christmas Pickle. 😉  I might add a paper snowflake as a decoration or so…

Anyway… just bitching. But it’s good I won’t participate, as I’m so picky and impossible to please 🙂

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Oh my…

I have climbed mountains… at least it feels like it. What I did was to make four phone calls… I really dislike using the phone.

First I called my social secretary and told her that my contact person is having a vacation so we can’t meet today.

Then I called an old books store and asked them if they buy books. They do. In bulk. Like dozens of books at once. Like book collections and such. I have like half a dozen books to sell… So that road won’t give me more money 😦 But I called.

Then I called the Finnish whatsit and asked where my money is. They had paid it already September 2006. I haven’t still got it… But I called.

I called the bank and asked them where my money is. They have it. In a bank in Finland. So – we have 250 cronas and 130 euros in a bank in Finland I can’t get my greedy-needy fingers on… *sigh* But I called.

Now I’m sitting here shaky because I REALLY DON’T LIKE TO CALL. Panic anxiety isn’t quite sure what to do, because it’s too late for it to stop me from doing things I need to do, but panic anxiety is what I’m experiencing right now… I think I’m going to bed 😉

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Usually my dreams are very nice. Even nightmares are exciting and empowering, but this night… it was just as dull and sad as my real life is. My best friend had seduced the boy I liked, simply because she could, and instead of getting mad at her and him, I reacted as I would have in the real life… “Of course he likes her better…”

We are going to have a hanukkah coffee next weekend, and we really don’t have money for that. (At this moment we have just a little over 500 cronas and 9 days to go…) I am desperately trying to get some by selling things at e-bay (that’s Tradera) and no-one is interested in buying my things. It’s not that it’s bad or so, they have bought OTHER people’s similar stuff. So I don’t know why my stuff isn’t “good enough”. I know it’s not about that. It’s quite a lot a question of what people want and when and all kinds of stuff like that, and I’m not capable of controlling it – if I was, I’d be a millionaire already… a billionaire. A centillionaire… 😉

I know money doesn’t make you happy… but it gives you a damn lot more opportunities to chase the happiness…

I hate showering, as my scalp is very tender and my hair is long and extremely fine, so it will entangle and knot and jam and kink and ravel and snarl and all kinds of things and end up in a big mess at the back of my head, and combing it clear HURTS. Frankly, it’s silly to have long hair, but it’s so pretty and feminine and all that… just like my best friend. Perhaps, if my hair was long and pretty and feminine, the guy I like might like me back and not choose someone else…

And because my night was bad and my day is bad, I’m spinning about all the idiots in the world…
*The Xians who don’t want to give love, patience, kindness and tolerance to the world, even though their religion is all about that… and who won’t even realize that they are violating their God’s only commend by doing so. The Xians who use the Bible to justify physical violence against their own children – as if you could teach someone NOT to use violence to solve problems by using violence to solve the problem that someone has no other solutions… It’s demanding terrifyingly much of a child – and demanding of a CHILD something you don’t care to expect of yourself – sure, it’s not easy to find OTHER options to discipline your child than the “let’s spank, as I was spanked and my parents were spanked to all eternity – we didn’t take THAT MUCH damage, so my kid can take it too…”
*The antisemites, who demand people stop using the word, (and use word “racist” instead) but have no scruples in bunching up the Jews in every other instance… Sure, I stop calling you antisemite, when you stop persecuting, discriminating and harassing the Jews by using words like “Zionism” >:-> It’s nationalism, and if you want to use a specific word for the Jewish nationalism, you better have no problems when others use a specific word for the hate of anything Jewish… It is hypocritical to demand of others things you are not willing to do yourself…
*Americans who blame the rest of the world for things they do themselves.
So be it USA sees Iran as a threat. Iran sees USA as a threat, and has more reason to do so.
USA attacked Iraq and Afghanistan, even though neither country had done anything to justify it.
EVERYONE knows that USA has WMD’s, even nuclear weapons. Iran might just be boasting – just like Iraq did…
And so on and so forth…
The probability that USA attacks Iran is 80-90%, the probability that Iran attacks USA is like 5%… if I was a betting woman, I would put my money on USA being a bigger threat to the world peace and other nations’ security and independence than any other country being to the peace in USA and USA’s security and independence… Frankly, USA is a bigger threat to the peace and security of USA than any other country. What are the high and mighty of USA doing to THAT security threat?

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