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Art Propelled

I have been thinking about my art – which really isn’t much art. I manage to do something that might be called art every now and then, but mostly it’s just… pottering and doodling 😀

I was thinking about “writers write” – artists make art. If writing prompts and NaNoWriMo will teach me the CRAFT of writing, the similar take on art would teach me the CRAFT of making art. If writing a lot of crap will make me write more and better, drawing/painting a lot of crap should have the same results – make me draw more and better, make me paint more and better, make me do more art…

I was watching Project Runway season 4 again – and I was reminded that in order to create fashion I have to watch fashion, follow fashion, see fashion, touch, hear, taste, smell – eat and breathe fashion. I haven’t been into clothes for a while now, and the consequences of that is that I am not that into fashion 😉 The more time I spend at Polyvore, the more interested I become.

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Half a year later…

Pictures from Wary Meyers and Apartment Theory

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