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I love the movie “Groundhog Day” – to me its message is “You learn anything a day at a time, an hour a time, a minute a time – and a minute a time, you have all the time in the world…”
Might be that I don’t learn to play piano in one day, but it starts just as with Phil, one day, and another one day in the future I can play piano.
Might be that I don’t learn to play piano today, but if I start today, one tomorrow I know how to play piano.

“Is this how you spend eternity?”
We all have all the time in the world… is this how you spend it? Wasting time by doing nothing, just aimless surfing, watching television, perhaps doing something little every now and then.

I am good at compiling things. I should re-start my God book. It’s already 7th day of this new year.

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What have I actually done of my 101 things?

I have got myself 5 new fairytale books.
I have written somethings
I have a laptop 🙂
I have managed to frame 3 pictures
Geocities “fixed” my website for me :->
The apartment is sort of cleaned… not decluttered.
I have learned to bake the Danish rye 🙂 My husband had tears in his eyes 🙂
I have used only high-heeled shoes for a week, and it went well. I think I can say I can use them 😀
I have lost 8 kgs – 1/5 of the goal

So – 1/3 of the time gone, a little less than 1/10 of the list done, and not even that properly! Oy vey!

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I haven’t done squiddily nothing about my 100 things in 1001 days. Typical.

I have found two more interesting blogs: Fascinating People and Risky Regencies.
I found them when I was searching for a Polyvore set about my fashion style. I would like to be a Quaintrelle too. 😦 I suppose it won’t ever happen. But I was well dressed this Yule week while visiting my sister. Not as I’d like to dress, but very stylish and fashionable. It felt good 🙂 Too bad what I like is not flattering to girls with wide shoulders, square hips, no bottom and short waist and neck. Also, I’m fat. (Yes, I may say so. It’s not putting myself down, but accepting reality. My BMI is 35, and that is “obesity”.) (Yes, I know that one can be fat and fabulous, and I am, but when I think Dita von Teese and Vargas chicks are beautiful, even Duane Bryers’ pin-up girl is absolutely adorable, I am not my ideal. I’m not hourglass shape, but a goblet, and I’m not all smooth and silky, like Bryers’ girl, but drooping and full of cellulite.)

Well… I suppose there’s always a lot of room to play in 😀

I have a new winter coat and boots, and even when they are black (as said, I’m fat. The fashion industry seems to think fat women want to wear only black, burgundy, navy blue and other dark, dull colors. One might find something else, but then it’s usually too expensive to my budget. Or then one has to sew oneself. *sigh*) they are very flattering and beautiful 🙂 The coat is princess shaped and the boots are laced “granny” boots with 2 inches (5 cm) Louis heel. I love Louis heel 🙂 The only problem with the shoes is that they are very slippery!

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