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First butterfly

First butterfly magnify

They say that the year is going to be like the first butterfly one sees that year. I saw a peacock butterfly a week ago. I love peacocks, and the butterfly was beautiful. I think it means that I am going to have a year full of surprises.

I have been looking at crafts people make at Flickr. It’s very inspiring. I want to start making collages, art journals, books and such. And I want to get my own sheep so that I can start making my own felt and dye the wool, spin and knit and everything.

Plant dyeing gives the yarn colors that go wonderfully well together. It’s all soft, warm greens, yellows and oranges – at least here in Scandinavia. All the colors are some shade of yellow-green. And it goes beautifully with the natural wool colors, soft natural white, black and grey, which already have a warm, yellow tint, and the browns. I am not so fond of those colors, they are a bit too murky to me, but they are beautiful.


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