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Hugh Jackman 😀
My husband (whom I also love, in a way that is very much deeper and different than the idol worship kind of attraction I call love to a more or less fictional character, which to me actors are) would say that I’m drooling and acting stupid. Perhaps I am LOL. But I think it’s the privilege of all people to be silly and act stupid and drool and get girlishly charmed by people 🙂 And I’m sure Hugh wouldn’t mind. 😉 The more women get a crush on him, the more they go see his movies and the more money he will get paid for making movies 🙂 Besides, I’m not going to bother him more than this; telling openly to all that I think he’s… very nice. He looks so kind. He looks like someone I’d want to have as my friend. Like someone it’s fun to do things with. Looking at him makes me happy 🙂 And sometimes people need to think about happy things and see nice pictures 🙂 I’d rather look at Hugh Jackman than me LOL And as this is my blog, I post a picture of Hugh 🙂
And no, I’m not drooling. I just like him a lot. 🙂


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