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Index Cards

Index Cards magnify

I’m… speechless. I found this Japanese person’s index card system… and… wow. I wish I used index cards just to… be able to use this system.

Hawk Express’ Pile of Index Cards
Pile of Index Cards Pool
Pile of Index Cards
Pile of Index Cards Blog

Or… I don’t know if it’s his system, or if he is just explaining how it works… but it’s amazing.

“One innovation based on the index card was the edge-notched card, which was an index card with prepunched holes near the edges. Users of this system assigned a category to each hole position, and then notched out the hole when a card fit a category. To locate all cards that matched a category, a long, thin rod or “needle” was inserted through the corresponding holes in a tray of cards, the cards were lifted out of the tray, and all of the cards with notched holes dropped out of the stack. The system could also be used to locate all the cards that belonged to two or more categories at once by using more than one needle.”


Also look at “43 Folders


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This is Anna’s Mother-in-law’s stash… or part of it. She presents this “Church of Knitters” in her blog “Mochimochi”.

My own stash isn’t this big and after seeing this I pray it will never get this big either… though I am inheriting my mother’s stash (from 70’s and on) and as she is of a crafting family, there’s quite a lot of it – but not this much… and I am tossing away some of it. My mother has a taste of novelty yarn, which I personally detest.

My first thought after seeing this room was “Dawna would be thrilled to get to organize THIS!”
Then I wanted to take a picture of my stash as a comparison… but before I can do that, I need to clean up this mess… because I’m a REALLY messy person (Remember, dogs play with yarn?)
Right now my stash is all over the living room, buried under paper, dog’s “mess” (sticks and bones), books and clothes… So – no pictures. I have no problems saying that I’m messy, because no-one believes the extend of it anyway – EVERYONE’s a little messy. Even people with “cleaning sickness” believe to be messy.

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