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Well… it’s only 6 months left… That’s basically… nothing! 😀

I found the most beautiful stocking I have ever seen… This is “red flowers” from Lucuma, fair trade shop, trading products from Peru. (They make absolutely wonderful other things as well, so do visit the site :-))

I am planning on producing stockings for my whole family, that’s 18 people, of whom 6 are under 18. And – being me – I have GRAND plans.

I was trying to find ideas of with what to fill the stockings then, and… I think it’s really difficult – this is not a Finnish tradition.

First there must be something good to eat, snacks, candy, chocolate – something like that. I think a candy cane sticking out of the sock looks really nice. And here in Sweden we have candy “wands” in “every flavor”. Those will be really nice. But some of my family are on a low-carb diets, and I would like to give them something else, something they REALLY can enjoy, with good conscience… I think I’ll use a lot of nuts 😉
(Then there’s the thing with coal… we have candy that looks just like coal. 😉 I love it :-D)

I love the little dolls or animals sticking out of the stocking… I think it’s “necessary” – to give the stocking the “right look”.
Then I’d like to have some greenery, a spruce spray or something like that.
And a little Yule ornament, to create the “right look”. It would also be nice to start a tradition of Yule ornaments.

There’s an old tradition that tells to put into the stocking something that pleases all senses – something for sight, something to smell, taste, feel and hear…

It would also be nice to have something funny.

And a game, or puzzle… They have really nice tins filled with everything possible now-a-days… like the “casino in a tin”… Amazing what they invent 😀

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