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Here’s the list of “1000 Places to See Before You Die” named in the book “A Traveler’s Life List” by Patricia Schultz. It seems to be a cult book as well… I wonder what it is with lists and people and how people want to prick the lists…

I’m not quite convinced that this would be the ultimate list… There’s a lot of places that are of no interest to me, like clubs, restaurants etc.

The following follows Galen Frysinger’s list of 350 of these over 1000 places.

Verona, sure, and Naples, Pisa, Rome, Venice, Ravenna is a must on my list, Florence, Milan – Sardinia and Sicily, sure. Monaco I want to see too. Trieste would be nice. That’s 12.

Victoria Falls, of course. And to follow the Nile to Egypt and then visit all the places in Egypt – to see the light show at the pyramids… Khartoum and Aswan, the Valley of the Kings, Kairo and Alexandria… Alexandria’s new library is also a must 😉 (And one can take the Murchison Falls National Park while at it.)

Acadia National Park is most certainly a very nice place, but… so is every other national park in every country, and those are not in the list, so why is Acadia? So, sorry, but I’m not going to expect to experience Acadia before I die.

The same goes with Preservation Hall. New Orleans, most certainly a must, French Quarters, yes, but Preservation Hall? I doubt I’d miss it.

Grand Canyon – yes, that I want to see.

Zanzibar’s Stone Town, yes.

La Digue? Why not. And to see the Black Paradise Flycatcher in nature… Seychelles is a place to visit, so add Aldabra as well. I got a book when I was a child about wonderful places on earth, and Seychelles were presented in it.

Etosha sounds like an interesting place, though I don’t think it’s anything that special.It would be nice to travel from Madagascar to Mauritius and on to India over the Indian Ocean…

When I was small we always told to people to go to Timbuktu, it being a place far, far away. So it would be nice to see it.

But – places to see before I die? No.

I’m not too interested in safaris, white sand beaches, Tahiti or Hawai’i, seeing how the king of Siam lived, national parks and such.

Easter Islands and Galapagos Islands – yeah, sure, it would be nice, but – not on my absolute list.

I’m not too interested of seeing how people live in distant villages in Chile, Peru, Indonesia, Canada or Switzerland.

I am not too interested in visiting the houses, graveyards and other “places” where someone who sometimes was someone lived and worked.

Alhambra I want to see, so Granada is on my list, so is Istanbul.

I’d like to visit Acropolis and Angkor Wat.

I’d like to visit the Forbidden City and The Wall.

In fact, this list is not for me.

I’d like to visit the great cities of Europe, with long history.
I’d like to follow the Silk Road. I’d like to make the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

I’d like to “follow Moses’ footsteps”, and take a round trip from Egypt to Jordan and Israel.
I’d like to take the “Around the World in 80 days” journey.
I’d like to take the Orient Express and Trans Siberian Railroad.
I want culture, cultural connections, history.

Here’s a list of 851 sites everyone should see before they die…
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And here’s the 7 wonders of the world – several sets, actually 😉

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