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It was Midsummer... magnify

I kind of like this picture of me…


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More cat swaps…

This month’s color theme for Feline Flipflop is black, white and pink – and aqua. I think it’s pretty ok… I like the black crocheted cat 🙂 So does my husband… So I’m going to crochet cats in the future as well. The black-and-white can thingy is a vanilla candle and it smells divine… 🙂

I was looking at some of my old pictures… I look better without makeup than with… Weird… but – really good, because I’m allergic to most of the makeup stuff… and couldn’t do my own make-up even if you tortured me 😉

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This is me and my husband in our olden days…

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Midsummer in Scandinavia is about as big as 4th of July in USA. My husband and I, we were at my sister’s and had a wonderful time 🙂 I love my sisters 🙂

In Finland they burn Midsummer fires – yes, the picture is taken quite late at night… It is not for nothing it’s called “the land of the midnight sun” 😉

I was surfing again and found this interesting blog entry: http://myblog.de/lucamutzel/art/3718138
I think the lace pattern made of self-striping yarn looks very inspiring, but… what’s with the heel? It looks like she makes the heel like a thumb on a mitten; knits the sock, and then picks the stitches of the heel and decreases… like toes… Very interesting. Looks like an easy way of knitting a sock heel. 🙂

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I finished the color blox sox for Six Sox Knit-a-long. My first toe-ups 🙂 And the end was probably my first multidirectional knitting LOL There’s a nice spiral going on and it all ends up in garter stitch brim, which is knitted… er… I really don’t know the words LOL well, in different direction 🙂

The other pair of paws belong to our dog, Boris 🙂 Much prettier 🙂 But I’m almost as white LOL

The yarns used are machine knitting yarn, 1-ply, four folded; the bluish-greenish is Mountain Colors in “Evergreen” colorway, and the yellow and golden brown are the same Norwegian sock yarn I made the pink and white 6th sense socks for Six Sox. I dyed the white yellow with food coloring. It’s variegated, but that doesn’t show too well in the picture. Here’s some cat toys I crocheted with the same yarn, where the yarn shows better.

I also made the Rabbit Tracks scarf. It’s easy and pretty pattern and I knitted it of the 1-ply machine knitting yarn, but OH MY! HOW BOOOOORIIIIING!!!!! I have to say that I think it looks more like cat paw marks 🙂

And here’s something to my swap pals 🙂 If you can, PLEASE, get me the corset pattern LOL
I love almost all of Annie Modesitt patterns… The “Butter and Jam” cardigan is on my “want to do” list

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Look into my nostrils... look deep into my nostrils... magnify

Yeah… it’s an old photo 🙂 But I haven’t changed that much during the last days, you know 😉

It’s summer now, Midsummer to be precise… and the days are just getting shorter and shorter from now on… but tomorrow the Scandinavia will celebrate Midsummer with dance, song and fire – and the sun will be on the sky all the time. We are now a kingdom where sun never goes down 😉

I am very anxious… for nothing at all. I’m not sure if this medication is of any help – it was supposed to aid my therapy, but nothing is happening in the therapy anyways during the summer. Everyone is on vacation… and I’m drowning… *sigh*

I had a horrible dream last night, my sisters were being mean to me, my teacher thought I was a guy and all the other girls were slender and graceful… and my teeth broke. There was a huge hole in my smile, with a tooth missing from both upper and lower jaw… and the pieces of tooth were burgundy red… It was a great surprise to look in the mirror in the morning, and see me instead of that toothless, genderless blob I was in my dream. *brrr*


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Magic yarn ball

This is my magical yarn ball 🙂 I didn’t find much information about the receiver, so I just guessed. I wanted to make a themed ball, and I chose Autumn, as she had a picture of herself on her blog and it looked like she might well appreciate this.

It all starts with a lovely handmade soap with strong lavender scent – I packaged the soap in clear, thick foil, so I hope the scent will be limited to the soap… it doesn’t smell bad, but most people don’t want their stuff to smell too strong.

Then there’s a handmade maple-leaf measuring tape and a handmade needlebook – I painted the felt myself. I think it turned out really nicely 🙂
Then there’s 6 handmade autumn leaf knit markers, a sheep key ring and two bags of tea; English Breakfast – perfect color – and Oriental Green Tea. I hope she likes tea.
And to finish the ball off, there’s a pretty orange butterfly, made of feathers. I do hope it survives the long trip to its destiny… it’s very fragile.

I think my “ball” looks nice 🙂

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