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I am a beautiful, hairy woman.

Don’t you dare to tell me I’m disgusting, because I haven’t shaven!
Don’t you dare to tell me I make you sick!

I was born to be this way. Men who want their “women” hairless, don’t want WOMEN. Only CHILDREN are hairless. And believe me… a woman has less hair than a man, unless he’s unusually hairless and she unusually hairy…

So if you think I’m not sexy because I have hairy legs, armpits, arms – perhaps even a little mustache or hair on my belly or breasts, YOU are the sick one – YOU are the disgusting one.



I just saw the documentary “F*** Off, I’m a Hairy Woman” by Shazia Mirza… and I’m FUMING!!! I will never ever shave ANYTHING again. I might become a bearded lady when I’m old, but so be it! I’m fat and hairy and I am NOT ugly, smelly or disgusting and I don’t have problems with my hormones!

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