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So here they are:

Imagine, Create, Inspire


The Moldy Doily

Ruffing’s Fine Art Giglées and Originals

Elizabeth Holcombe: Words and Whimsies

and if you follow the links given on the link list and in the text, you will have hours of lovely time 🙂

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I picked a meme from allsorts

“Unfortunately Sanna can’t take part because a rule means you can’t take part for three years in a row”
“Unfortunately, Sanna inherited my Hideously Sensitive Skin”
“But unfortunately Sanna had to work overtime that day and asked; “maybe we can go out and eat tomorrow?””
“Unfortunately, Sanna…I got it right away”
“Unfortunately Sanna I understand your frustration”
“Unfortunately Sanna has left me now to take on Marocco”
“Unfortunately, Sanna had to leave us on Saturday morning due to a heavy migraine.”
“Unfortunately Sanna’s second stint at Colwyn Bay barely lasted five minutes before jarring his back and having to be replaced”
“Unfortunately Sanna had to “sit back” while I campaigned my Erin to her title”
“Unfortunately, Sanna lost to a shinobi named Ukon in the first round but Shinku managed to defeat a ninja named Tsuki”
“Unfortunately, Sanna does not remember the technical aspects of how that would work”
“Unfortunately, Sanna realised she’d left her purse including passport, money, everything on the ledge we’d just been sitting on before getting ourselves comfortable on the back. ”
“Unfortunately, Sanna didn’t hum the first few bars of Empty room”

Fascinating… intriguing… I think I am going to write a story of this Sanna, who went to Morocco though she left her passport on the ledge after loosing to a shinobi because she forgot the technical aspects and did not hum the first few bars of Empty Room… Poor girl has migraines and a friend who likes to tell her HE got it right away. Nasty guy. No wonder she has migraine.

I haven’t done about anything for my 101 things. On the contrary, I have added like 101 more things to my “to do” list. There’s project spectrum going on, and I am seriously inspired! So much things! People are so talented, creative, imaginative… I’ve been surfing Etsy and Flickr and WOW!

I’ll share more about that tomorrow. I’ve found more blogs, you see 😉

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…that other people’s “to do lists” seem to be easier to “do”?

For example “replace make-up collection”. Sounds like an easy thing to do. Just whack out what you have and go to your favorite store and buy new ones.
But – what if one doesn’t have money?
What if one has social anxiety disorder, like I do?

It’s partly things like that that makes it harder to do what’s on my list. Of course, most of it is because I’m a relaxed procrastinator, and choose to do something else – or nothing – rather than what I “should”. Like writing. It doesn’t cost one penny, I don’t need to meet anyone to do it, but it takes dedication, commitment, and I obviously lack those things. :->

I have been writing. Not what I should be writing, but I managed to read the Love (I love the ending… I wish GGM had stripped 1/3 of the book, but I like the ending :-)) and I got somewhat inspired by it too. I have also managed to bind some of the old stuff to new stuff, so – I suppose there’s some progress.

I have managed to decide what I will do for the toy drop. I have also planned where I’ll drop some of the toys.

I have also cleaned up a lot of our home and thrown away a lot of unnecessary stuff. I have been able to let go of useful stuff we won’t ever use.

The weight loss stopped totally in February. I wish I manage to keep the diet in March as well as in January. I lost 10 kilos in January! That’s really nice!

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Elise Blaha gives a nice idea of how to journal this 101 things journey.

I’ve made myself a cute little thing with covers attached with string to hold the loose leaves together. I’ve already designed the reading journal page on Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Love in the Time of Cholera. There’s a lot of sex there, and too many words… But I like it.

I’m going to use Henri Rousseau’s The Dream as background and paste the journal box on it.lereve_rousseau

Here’s something from the list: Make your own reusable pads

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