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It’s the American Independence Day. I doubt ANYONE can miss that little piece of fact… so I present two Goddesses especially important to Americans.

Columbia is USA personified, Libertas (Lady Liberty) is the personification of freedom.

There are several personified countries as Goddesses – The Maiden of Finland, Mother Svea in Sweden, Britannia and the French Marianne. There are several pictures with these national personifications depicted in different situations, like the painting of Libertas Marianne leading the revolutionary people by Delacroix, or several cartoons with the Mother of the Country either disciplining some politician or being bashed by the enemies of the country etc.

Libertas is the most commonly used Goddess to “double” as the National Personification among countries that have fought for their independency.

So – what to eat on the USA Independence Day?

It is tempting to concentrate on junk food – the fatty, salty food, high of refined carbs, white wheat flour and sugar… The American food is sweeter than food anywhere else. But the truth is that even though USA made fast junk food world famous, that’s not all what the American cuisine is about. USA has a wonderful food culture, and it’s a pity that has been buried under hamburgers, pizza and French fries. (No, not “Freedom Fries”. That’s just STUPID!!!)

So – I’ll give you just one link – to my “Holidays” group in Care2, and the American Independence Day thread there… If you are not inspired and positively surprised by the fact that there’s a LOT more than fat and sugar in USA, then you are probably American 😉 😀

Have a lovely Independence Day, Yankees and Dixies 🙂

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