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I have been doing stuff. Some things are easier than others. It’s really easy to find information about how to get a MC driver’s license or flight license, and then forget the whole thing, as that needs money which I don’t have right now.

It’s much harder to actually do things I CAN do right now :->

I learned I’m “a relaxed procrastinator

Relaxed procrastinators will often avoid a particular task for a variety of different reasons including that the task is too confusing, there are too many distractions present in the area, the individual is having difficulty identifying which tasks are most important, or the individual finds the task boring or unappealing.”

Yes, that’s me. “Boring!” is one of my favorite expressions 😀

I also noticed that the majority of stuff on my list is somehow creative and about 1/3 physical. Also, a lot is “duty” stuff… things that I should do or should do to be able to do the other stuff. *sigh* BORING!!!

There is also a side-effect with keeping a book about the List… I note what I DO. It makes me appreciate myself, get a better self image and that makes it easier to actually manage to do what’s on list.

Right now I should be writing… I gave myself a job to do today… I need to type the chapters I’ve already translated on the ‘puter and translate one new chapter. Guess if I’m doing that? 😉

I’ve managed to go to the library, pay my dues and borrow a couple of books on my “to read” lists.
I have also started to read them 😀
One of the time management things I read about last week was the suggestion of finding and removing the time eating habits, like watching reruns in television, or zapping just to procrastinate, or surfing without any real intention. I have got quite a lot more time by watching the telly less.

I’ve also sent an application to a law school in Finland. Now I need to teach my hubby Finnish and sent in an application to the rental apartment list.

My psychiatrist also informed me that I need to see over my future economy and plan with “the people” how to do in a year, when my “allowance” ends. I do hope I manage to sell a couple of books before that. I hate being depended on the social system. It makes me feel like a leech. Besides, the “allowance” isn’t that much. I really need to start earning more money if I am going to fulfill #s 5, 7, 16, 20. – 26, 29. – 32, 39, 51, 57. and 71, and money isn’t an obstacle when it comes to the rest either.

I visited a doctor last week and he informed me that my lungs are in perfect shape, but my blood pressure is a little high.

I have managed to avoid doing any art, but I got an idea. Someone had three portraits over their bed – small, A4 size drawings – about herself, her mother and her grandmother. I like the idea. I have decided to make a color pencil drawing about me, mommy and grandma, for me to see the first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing before I fell asleep 🙂

I have finished a couple more dishrags and a knitted doll… though they aren’t precisely on the list 😉 I also finished another pair of socks. This year I have finished 3 or 4 pairs of socks.

I have worked on the cookbook.

I have also worked with the fairytale point.

I trimmed the dog. Poorly, sure, but I did it 🙂 Better than nothing.

I found my recorder and my training book. Now I just need to stop making excuses about dog’s and neighbours’ ears 😉 (Hubby can take it :-D)

I have been practicing my letters.

I have been decluttering and cleaning our home.

I have worked with the study techniques.

Now there’s “only” 8135 unread messages in my mailbox.

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I really need to stop procrastinating. Meaning, I need to leave the internet for the rest of the week, and either read a book or write, if I feel I have nothing to do.

13766 mails to be deleted.

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15961 mails to go

I found out that falcon flying is illegal in Sweden. Falcons are seen as wild species and there are no breeders here, and it is illegal to “tame” a wild animal. Falcons are also endangered and many get their falcons by stealing the eggs.

But I found out about flying certificate and skydiving… and traveling… My plan will fail due to lack of money! Everything costs horribly much!
Or not so HORRRRRIbly much, just too much for our economy right now. But – if I manage to write a book, I’ll get a little bit more money too 😀

I have also learned a little bit more English with this 😀 It’s “juggling”, not “joggling” and to “twirl” a baton, not to “whirl” a baton 😀

Some progress in #s 1, 2, 16, 20, 21, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 35, 36, 49, 50, 71, 77, 85, 94 and 101. Not bad.

Now I’m going to do something about some other points 😀

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Second day:

I have managed to avoid making the necessary calls… *blush*

I have deleted over 1000 mails from my mailbox, now there’s only 17035 to go…

I have started updating my reading journal

I have removed the tiger temple from my list, as obviously they aren’t being that kind to the tigers as they give an impression of.

I have been doing my craft projects 🙂

I’ve been good with #28

I’ve worked with the dog

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I have written a “how to do it” plan

I have printed a list of books I wish I had read.

I won’t be baking now. Still on low-carb diet.

I have printed my to-do list

I have done something about the loosing weight, getting my condition back, training dog

I have looked up for information about juggling

I have checked the information about will and found out that I can take that off my list.

I have checked the information about law education

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