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I have been diagnosed having social phobia, panic anxiety and mild depression.

I am undergoing testing for Asperger’s syndrome. I am convinced I have it. It all fits well.

I am convinced I have Fibromyalgia. I am trying to get a doctor to send me to pain clinic, due to, well, pain :-Z
My husband did the tender point test and I got 16/18… also, I did the new experimental test, and got WPI 9 and SS 6.

So I have pain and “fatigue, malaise, nausea”. The nasty symptoms that cannot be verified in any way…
I have headache, tummy ache, muscle ache, my arms hurt, my legs hurt, my back hurts, my neck hurts…
I have “toilet problems”.  My tummy aches, I’m bloated, I have heartburn… Food doesn’t taste good anymore, I salt my food more and more, and I have a huge desire for carbs and chocolate. I’m not hungry, but still I eat, and gain weight.
I can’t sleep properly. I think I might have sleep apnea as well. I feel tired all the time, wake up and don’t feel rest, I snore, have nightmares and night frights, have difficulties in falling in sleep, roll around in my bed and cannot stop obsessing about some old things that are totally irrelevant or irrational. I grind my teeth, so badly my teeth are slowly cracking.
I have restless legs and muscle twitches, especially in my arms and sides.
It feels as if I can’t breathe properly, and my nose runs all the time. (That’s called Rhinitis…) I wheeze. Sometimes I have chest pain.
I am getting cognitive symptoms, I forgot my door code today… and I start speaking and in the middle of the word it just vanishes. I don’t have a clue how to finish the word.
My legs refuse to carry me, my hands won’t squeeze to open the tap, tea jar, put on the stove so I could make myself tea… “Muscle weakness” it’s called, they say…
I’m stiff as a log in the morning. I stumble to the bathroom, walk like a penguin or as if I had wooden legs.

My fingers and legs feel numb and tingle. I itch. I notice I scratch my chin or arm or scalp.
My mouth is dry, my eyes are dry, I get nasty, painful ulcers in my mouth every now and then, and sometimes my ears ring. I have often horrible ear ache.
I get fever, just a little, just enough to feel sick.
My humor goes up and down. One minute I feel like crying, the next I’m so anxious I want to hang from the wall and just hiss, then I’m sad again. And then I feel fine, more than fine, I feel happy. All within 15 minutes.

I suspect I might have multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome as well. At least I have all the symptoms; runny nose, itchy eyes, often sore throat and scalp, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, aching muscles and joints, earache, fatigue, difficulty sleeping and breathing, migraines and headaches and difficulties concentrating, and when I’m stressed, I get really sensitive about all sense stimuli, like light, smells and sounds, and my skin gets really tender.
I suspect I might also have Costochondritis. My breast bone feels tender and sore, and I have often stabbing pain in my ribs, I say it feels as if my lungs got stuck between the ribs. My ribs are also very sore to touch, especially on the left side. I also have difficulties in taking deep breaths, because it hurts.
I have Dysmenorrhea and horrible PMS. Cramps, nausea, headache, diarrhea, moodyness… we call me “mens dragon”.

Then I read about Asperger’s… and it’s quite possible that I have also selective mutism. :-Z

And none of this is reason enough to get disability pension.

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