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Color test

ColorQuiz.com Ketutar took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!“Needs to feel identified with someone or something…”

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Either this result is very general, or this test is very good…

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Pinky Applepants protests against the board members’ at Transport for London decision that no moustache other than self-grown is allowed in the ID pictures…

civil moustachioed disobedience

Unfortunately my self-grown moustache isn’t quite symmetrical. I also noticed, that just as being bold brings out the beauty of my face, having moustache brings out the beauty of my lips… And I also look very much like my brother in this picture LOL

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Things you do in bed…

I sleep in bed. I also sit and read and knit in bed. And play with the dog. And cuddle with my hubby. All this makes me happy πŸ™‚ All the things I do in bed make me happy πŸ™‚Β  Except sometimes waking up… when it’s early and I still want to sleep πŸ˜€

Another thing that makes me happy is clean bed linen. The first day after changing, with crisp and light bed linen…

I also love good quality bed linen. I hate satin sheets and flanel sheets, I want mine in thick, smooth cotton.

I also need to have all the bed linens color combinated LOL

Β This bed looks nice πŸ™‚ Comfy.
(P.S. We make bed so that the sheets are smooth and inviting when we go back to bed. ;-))

Also the decorative pillows are there as support for when you sit and work in the bed.

This bed looks pretty too πŸ™‚ Not complete without a cat πŸ™‚

I also love blankies and pillows… Look at these blankies! So cute!

Shawn Lovell’s metal bed… dreamy *_*

Here’s an inspiring and lovely home for you to admire πŸ™‚

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What makes me happy

* to realize other people care for me and are considering my opinions, wishes and needs…

There’s so many caring people around there… In fact, MOST of the people care if you give them a chance!

* my husband

* vintage eclectic shabby chic fleamarket find kitsch junk style thingies πŸ˜‰

This has some of it…

When a person with a good taste and good sense for colors starts combining old and new, antique and modern, flea market finds and IKEA and adds a huge chunk of art and crafts – can’t get any better!

* rainbows and northern lights and fireworks and lanterns…

* cute, happy, healthy babies of all sorts… and cats.

* picknicks, brunches, garden parties and tea parties – when proper – with a lot of preparations and pretty, good dishes and nicely set table and lovely weather and good company and all the time in the world…


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I like my tables baroque

Like this – pastels for dessert – odd plates, like this… or look at this: so rococo! Think of sitting by a table like the one above, and drinking from a cup like that! Or think of these plates: so pretty!

Then think of a dinner table – like this but in black, red and gold… Set on nice, colorful tablecloth, with Russian shawl, candles, colored glass, Golden Chochloma, gold and brass, Oriental things, Mid-Eastern things…
It would be even more me in green! *hmm*

I think this “Modigliani” is quite nice, would fit our current plates and so… I have a sick liking of certain majolica. I admit. Sick. But it would look so NICE in right company!

I am also weak for Chinese celadon, green, robin egg blue and aqua porcelaine, and Japanese simple forms – a dinner table set in blue-greens with beautiful, simple forms and… *sigh*

Unfortunately now-a-days one has to be careful with Chinese china… there might be lead in paint… :->

I also love handmade ceramics with a little more generous forms πŸ™‚ Like this one

So you understand why I’m don’t think “Paris plates set” is lovely. Posh. Pish posh. I don’t give a damn about “elegant” and “chic”.

And I take this Moroccan silver decorated ceramics bowl

ANY TIME over ANYTHING in ANY WAY connected to… a certain fashion designer.
I have only one message to fashion designers with his attitude to women with curves. Anyone can make anything look good on a supermodel. Only a REAL designer could create something that would look good on me. And that Moroccan bowl looks 100 times better and is more authenthic and chic than anything some fashion designer does.

(I like the shot glasses though… I wonder if one could make something similar oneself… Get different colored plastic glasses, cut off the foot, make a new foot of polymer clay and place for a magnet in it, then cook the glass and glue the magnet in place… In that way one would get a really nice set of baroque glasses… πŸ™‚ And everyone would recognize their glass… I like this idea :-D)

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I like being me

I love my hair. It is lovely, soft, silky and SHINY!!!
I love my hands and wrists. I was watching pictures of me and I have ALWAYS hands posed beautifully. My sister-in-law said once I have a dancing hands.
I like my cleavage.
I like my lips and eyes and eyelashes – long and silky
I like my being. Being inside my skin. Being me.
I like how it feels to move and live in this body.
I like how I sense things – how I see, how I hear, how I feel, how I taste, how I smell…
I like my smell too πŸ˜€

I am a peony-poppy-rose πŸ™‚ Dark maroony-burgundy with soft, sweet rosepink inside.
The true me IS frivolous, voluptuous, luscious, boisterous, temerarious, bodacious and mischievous.

Β The blog of the day: Suzi Blu
Lovely woman πŸ™‚

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What is inspiring me right now?

It shouldn’t be such a hard question…

Well… what are some happy things?


How would your life look if you were living your dream?


I think I’ll just do the hubby tag πŸ˜€
He makes me happy and is included in my dream life πŸ™‚

What’s his name? Henric

How long did you date? Our first date was 17.10.1995, we got engaged 18.6.1996 and married 6.2.1999.

How old is he? 40-something… hmm… 44 I think.

Who eats more? I think I do

Who said “I love you” first? He did

Who is taller? I think we are actually equally long

Who sings better? Tough question… I think we sing equally well πŸ™‚

Who is smarter? Actually I think I am *blush* But it’s a close call.

Who does the laundry? Usually he, because he’s better at it

Who does the dishes? Usually me, because he hates it and I don’t

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He sleeps on my right side.

Who pays the bills? I would say I do… but he does it quite often as well

Who mows the lawn? We don’t have any. He takes mostly care of the plants.

Who cooks dinner? He does, usually, because he’s a better cook. I’m the pastry chef πŸ™‚

Who drives when you are together? I do. He doesn’t have a driver’s licence. He would drive otherwise, because I don’t especially like it.

Who is more stubborn? I would say he is, but it’s another close call πŸ˜€

Who kissed who first? He kissed me *_* :-*

Who asked who out first? He did

Who proposed? He did LOL

Who is more sensitive? He is

Who has more friends? I do

Who has more siblings? I do

Who wears the pants in the family? He does (because I want it that way LOL)


I like baking and making desserts and eating them πŸ™‚

Kaffe Fassett’s books are inspiring… the photos… with all the COLOR!

Amazing photographers, like Debbie Patterson and James Ransom and… uh. Just go and see my favorites at Flickr and Deviant Art. THAT makes me happy, inspired and that’s what I want in my life. I like good still lifes.

Fireworks, starry skies and northern lights…

Names of colors and colors

Roses, peonies, poppies – such pompous, luxurious, frivolous, voluptuous, luscious, boisterous, temerarious, bodacious flowers… I want to be like that πŸ™‚ Mischievous.

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I would like to have a sofa that looks like this. A pile of cushions and afghans, a lot of color… and workmanship.Β  I know how to embroider, crochet and knit. And now I have a closet full of yarn and thread.

But there’s so much to do and so little… money.

I have been planning on buying new bookshelves, but the truth is that there’s nothing REALLY wrong with my current ones. Except that I have 9 different. It would look better if they were all similar.
I’m so envious to my brother’s BoknΓ€s shelves… His library looks like a library should look. And it would be great to get the books behind glass doors… That’s basically the reason why I want new shelves… I can’t afford BoknΓ€s (though if one buys one section a year or something…) so I have been looking at something from IKEA. The problem with that is that our current bookshelves are whole wood, and IKEA products are seldom whole wood…
Our current bookshelves are actually all fine, except that they are all different, and that gives the apartment a slightly… how will I put it? A storage look.

don’t want to live in a storage.

So I think I have to paint the bookshelves. I’m thinking of red or like Kaffe Fassett’s drawers… same colors, different technique, different bookshelves… Then it would look excentric – “meant” – and not poor.

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Clothes do make a woman…

BBC has a tv series called “A Week of Dressing Dangerously”.

“Is the real you hiding beneath dreary clothes? In A Week of Dressing Dangerously, U.K. fashion journalist, Angela Buttolph, commandeers women’s closets for one week, challenging them to play dress-up in order to develop an aspect they feel is lacking in their personalities.

A housewife may be asked to dress like a punk rocker on one day and a glam movie star the next. Or, Angela might assign a 40-year-old divorcee to dress like an Amazonian cave woman for the day in order to learn how to stop caring so much about what people think.

In the end, the women are surprised to find how they behave when their regular clothes are off and people start taking notice. They also learn to have lots of fun with their new personas, and the confidence they inspire. A Week of Dressing Dangerously is a makeover show from the outside-in. “

It taught me that we will act up to the outfit. If we wear grey sacky things, we WILL act as if we WERE grey mice. If we wear colorful, sassy outfits, we WILL bring up the colorful and sassy in our nature. I always thought that it’s the woman who makes the outfit, but that is not the case…

BBC also has “What Not to Wear”, which has taught me that ANYBODY can look nice. I don’t need to loose 50 pounds and get plastic surgery and expensive hairdo/makeup, all it takes is to get clothes that become us, not try to hide behind the clothes.
(BBC also has “How To Look Good Naked” with the same message – but where they go even deeper… EVERYONE has beauty naked… one just has to accept this.)
Third thing to add into this, my friend was at Anthony Robbins lecture, and they were experimenting with voice, postures and expressions… She said that “act as if” really works. My therapist has been trying to teach me that because we react physically into fear, we can “pretend” the physical “peace” behavior and stop being afraid… When I’m feeling anxious, I’m to relax, breathe deep, straighten up and smile.
So when I’m feeling grey and dull, I’m to pretend I’m cheerful, happy, up, exited… and surprisingly, you start feeling exited, happy, energetic, eager to get on with things…

It really is amazing how things work. Here we have been taught that outside doesn’t matter, when in reality it does matter and it matters a lot!

I have been wearing “comfortable”, non-confrontational clothes and have become a “couch-potato”. I’m not non-confrontational person! I’m highly excentric and confident person with strong opinions and I’m not afraid to speak up… nevertheless, during these 20 years of wearing beige sacks, it’s very difficult to see… it’s almost impossible even FOR MYSELF!

So I am going to start changing my wardrobe and start wearing bohemian, colorful, romantic, folk-lore, Belle Epoque (not Victorian) rainbow-goth clothes, which are more “me”…

Now, I love the gothic style, with corsets, baroque sleeves, hourglass figures, wide skirts, high heels, layers, buckles, leather, velvet and kick-ass boots with something dainty and feminine, like tutu… I love the hair – long, spiky, redlocks… I love the makeup with dark eyes and red mouth… I think the idea of showing some cleavage and legs is very nice πŸ™‚

These women look wonderful!
My only problem is… the black. I love the style, every little bit of it, except the color… I want to wear color! That’s why “rainbow-goth” πŸ˜‰ I know very well that the idea is an oxymoron, as goth IS black.
(Well… I have to say that I’m not too much into this cyber-industrial-nazi-fetisch part either… You won’t see me dressed up as a notty nazi nurse or latex nun)
Bohemian (BoHo) is nice too, except that there’s usually too much sacks and too little sass – it’s bohemian after all… hippy-style. I’d like to add a bit “pain” to it; 30’s and 40’s hair and make-up, kick-ass boots with heel and buckles…
I like this one πŸ˜‰ Lacy underpants and two layers of net stockings with those boots… If it was black, it would be Goth.
This one too would be Goth if the colors were right… now it’s just lovely πŸ˜‰
And then add a lot of oriental-tropical-exotism…

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Shiny happy people…

I want to wake up in the morning with joyful anticipation for the new day.
I want to be happy, cheerful, gay and glad… I don’t want to be sad and depressed, dragging myself from day to day waiting for dead…

I want serenity, peace of mind… not this stress and expectations, anxiety to produce and be more and be different…

I want hope and dreams for tomorrow, goals to reach for, I want to want, desire and wish… I don’t want this apathy and indifference.

I want love, love towards me and others and everything in this world. I want to remember I am loved by God, my husband, my family and my friends… and I want to love myself too. I want to believe I am a good and kind person, nice person, someone worthy to love.

I want BLISS back in my life!

I found a couple of blogs… I want a lovely living as well… in cream and roses, with fairies on a rainbow, tassles and dazzle, creative and colorful and FUN!

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Really… if you ever feel sad and low and things like that, go here… NO-ONE can resist the cute overload. It doesn’t have any meaning, but it’s definitely CUTE!


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