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I really don't want to go... magnify

I should meet a friend of mine tomorrow, and go to IKEA – just the two girls of us 😉 No husbands whining and disturbing and demanding… all the IKEA for us two… and I don’t want to.

I should go to bed, because I need to be out of the house already 15 past 9 and it’s almost midnight… and I would really NEED 9 hours sleep… and I don’t want to.

I should go to my sister’s and start her 42nd birthday celebration by having some quality time with her, just me and her and no-one else… but I don’t want to…

The thing is that I DO want to do all this… I love my friend, I love going to IKEA, I love sleeping and my bed – with my husband whom I love and our dog, whom I love, and I love my sister and I love to spend some private quality time with her, just the two of us…

And yet… here I am, sitting by the computer, and surfing – which I love as well – and collecting crochet patterns – which I love too…


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