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Ok, ok, I know…

I have been sick. And I’ve taken a bit too much on me – AGAIN – so I’m a bit fed up with crafts…

But I just had a wonderful dream… and
love is not the answer…



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So, what’s happening in March?

In Color*iffic Swap the colors are lavender and cream with a touch of black… like vanilla seeds in chantilly cream and lavender biscuits… I hate lavender.

In Month of Softies the theme is “Mad as the March Hare”… could be fun

Whiplash hasn’t announced the March theme yet – or then I’m looking from the wrong place. So get inspired by the February challenges for recycling 🙂

In Tie One On the theme is rick-rack. I was thinking about rick-rack crochet… using either white rick-rack ribbons and crochet a lace apron, or using rick-rack of every color and create a really great Ostara witch apron.

In Finland and Sweden (and perhaps otherwhere) the children dress as witches on Easter and have their “trick-or-treat” then.

I found out that Project Spectrum 2.0 is on… and it has a swap too 😉

In Six Sox we are knitting “Springtime in Paris” – or they are… it started in February, and I never managed to even start the December socks. I’m a bad girl 😦

So what happened to my timetable? Busted. Totally. It’s MONTH three and I didn’t even finish what I had planned FOR JANUARY. So – WTF.

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