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A new and revised version of my 101 list
added 26th of February

1. Read a book every week, a book I haven’t read before, from the “lists”

2. Keep a reading journal

3. Visit the library every month

4. Hide a surprise in a library book every time you visit

5. Buy myself a fairytale book every month and learn one fairytale by heart from it

6. Write every day

7. Keep a writing journal (at least once a week)

8. Keep a dream journal – write everyday, even when I don’t remember the dream

9. Write a book this year and get it published by a “real” publisher

10. Translate 2 books this year

11. Get a laptop

12. Finish NaNoWriMo

13. Write an art journal page every day

14. Make a good picture every week with colored pencils – not a sketch but a finished picture, with background and all

15. Frame one piece of art every two months

16. Buy a fin de siècle graphic piece or a piece of original modern art twice a year

17. Practice portrait drawing

18. Finish the family portraits

19. Send a message with a balloon

20. Send a message in a bottle

21. Drop 10 toys in town during this time

22. Click free every day

23. Become a better blog pal: Visit 10 blogs every month, leave a comment when you visit

24. Fix the website

25. Empty the mailbox

26. Meet an internet friend

27. Write a letter to siblings every month

28. Celebrate holidays – all of them

29. Send self-made cards on holidays

30. write the shabat books

31. Get 8 shabat boxes

32. Clean the apartment

33. Give away 100 items to charity shop

34. For every new item that enters the home, give or throw away 2

35. Do the dishes every day

36. Do the laundry every week

37. Decorate the house to fit our personality and lifestyle

38. Go to 2 picnics this summer

39. Have a tea party

40. Celebrate the 40th properly

41. Kee the economical plan

42. Learn to play D&D

43. have a game night with friends

44. replace our plants – 1 a month

44. 100 species challenge

45. learn to make preserves, sweet and savory

46. plant a tree every year

47. learn to make cheese, yogurt, quark

48. learn to bake Danish rye bread

49. learn to bake Danish pastries

50. Learn fruit carving

51. Learn to trim the dog

52. Get a professional trimming machine and scissors

53. Train the dog well in basic obedience and some tricks

54. Do one craft from “the blog archive” every month

55. Finish Summer of Socks, 52 pairs and Socktober with honor – more than 3 pairs of socks, thank you 😉

56. Make a dorodango of Kangaslampi dirt

57. Make two dozens of handkerchiefs to reduce the paper waste

58. Make reusable pads to reduce the waste

59. Keep health journal

60. Make a kite and fly it

61. Learn 10 card tricks

62. Learn to read cards well and read cards to a stranger

63. Learn to do my own Gothic make-up and wear it in public

64. Learn to use high-heel shoes

65. Take my shoes to a cobbler

66. Get a corset

67. Get a tattoo

68. Fix the sewing machine

69. Design and make a summer wardrobe

70. Plan the world around trip

71. Fix passports

72. Learn 10 languages well

73. Learn sign language

74. Learn short hand

75. Learn speed reading

76. Learn 10 different mnemonic techniques

77. Get to the law school

78. Move to Turku, Finland

79. Take photo booth photos with Henric

80. Visit one exhibition, art gallery or museum every month

81. See a hockey game live with Henric

82. Go to a theater with Henric

83. Keep a dream journal – write every morning something, even when I don’t remember the dream

84. Learn to play guitar well

85. Learn to play accordion well

86. Sing karaoke in public

87. Give a speech in public

88. Treat myself with things from my wishlist

89. Trace my family back 6 generations

90. Take a first aid/CPR course

91. Donate blood 5 times

92. Loose 40 kg (target 70 kilos)

93. Exercise more

94. Sleep 8 hours every night

95. Learn to control panic anxiety and social phobia

96. Learn to control overachieving, unreasonable expectations, perfectionism and stress

97. Learn to control codepedency

98. LIVE

99. Keep an illustrated blog about this list and how it goes

100. write a new list

101. have a party 🙂


The old list – or more accurately, the sketch of a list

1.    I want to read more.
a) I want to read through all kinds of book lists; Nobel laureates, banned books, and keep a book journal. I want to read Sun Tzu’s Art of War.
b) I’d like to remember what I have read and finally have a list of all books I have read in my life. (0/143)

2.    I want to keep an art journal (0/143)

3.    I want to be a better artist and draw every day – I want to learn to use my color pencils (0/1001)

4.    I want to get more art on our walls, frame the art we have and buy Nordic Fin de siècle graphics and some original, modern art from a gallery (0/20 – one every 2 months)

5.    I want to
a) learn to photograph and
b) buy me a good camera (0/2)

6.    I want to keep a writing journal (0/143-1001)

7.    I want to get a laptop and write my books on it. (0/1)

8.    I want to get my book published, not self-publish it. (0/3)

9.    I want to translate books and get them published (0/3)

10.    I want to finish NaNoWriMo (0/2)

11.    I want to learn to bake
a) rye bread that tastes good and that has a perfect structure, and
b) Danish pastries. (0/2)

12.    I want to learn fruit carving (0/1)

13.    I want to take “photo booth” pictures with my husband once a year. (0/3)

14.    a) I want to learn to take pretty food photos,
b) write a beautiful, inspiring food blog and
c) publish a cook book with my photos and favorite recipes, familyrecipes. (0/3)

15.    I want to go on at least 2 picnics this summer (0/2)

16.    I want to finish all the crafts I have started, even those I have “only” designed and planned. I want to make something out of every blog entry I have written in “Need More Fiber”, like 100 stitches challenge (er… like 1/1897369 or something similar…)

17.    I want to
a) get the loom back and
b) start using it actively for better things than ragrugs (0/2)

18.    I want to clear Summer of Socks, 52 pairs challenge and Socktober with flying colors 😀
(3/52 – 0/26)

19.    I want to make more things out of clay and learn to use polymer clay really well (0/2)

20.    I want to travel around the world and make a scrapbook of our travels (0/2)

21.    I want to show Israel to my husband. I want to visit Paris, Rome, Berlin… (0/4)

22.    I want to visit the tiger temple and pet a tiger
Yes, I DO want to pet a tiger. (0/1)
Read the comments to see why the original was removed from the list.

23.    I want to participate in a wicker man ceremony (0/1)

24.    I want to pick amber on a beach somewhere (0/1)

25.    I want to find green amber and make myself a necklace or bracelet of it (0/1)

26.    I want to swim in both Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. (0/2)

27.    I want to take a first aid and CPR class (0/1)

28.    I want to take better care of my body;
a) loose 70 pounds and keep that weight the rest of my life, (5/70)
b) get back to the same condition I was when I was 13 (3200 meters in 12 minutes) (0/3200)
c) I want to walk at least one hour every day in sunlight, (0/1001)
d) get my teeth fixed and get better with my dental hygiene; brush teeth twice a day and floss (20/2002), and
e) I want to drink more water and less tea (30/1001), and
f) do Putkisto once a day (0/1001)

29.    I want to learn to skydive, bungee jump and parkour (0/3)

30.    I want to learn to fly

31.    I want to fly a falcon

32.    I want to learn to drive a motorcycle and get one

33.    I want to participate in an adventure race

34.    I want to take up yoga and martial arts

35.    I want to learn how to throw a knife and crack a whip

36.    I want to learn how to whirl a baton and how to joggle

37.    I want to learn to do some card tricks and how to learn tarot cards very well and do it in public, with strangers

38.    I want to pamper myself with one old fairytale book every month, learn one fairytale from the book by heart and learn to tell it properly and do it in public.

39.    I want to learn to dance tango and flamenco

40.    I want to learn to wear high heeled shoes and I want to learn to run in them 😀

41.    I want to learn to do my Gothic make-up and wear it in public

42.    I want to get at least one tattoo.

43.    I want to learn how to trim our dog, get the equipment and do it

44.    I want to teach our dog to behave and some tricks

45.    I want to move to Finland

46.    I want to live instead of just existing. I don’t want to regret not doing this and that when I die. (this “goal” has to be rewritten)

47.    I want to live without fear (This has to be rewritten also)

48.    I want to start sleeping 9 hours a night again (2/1001)

49.    I want to keep a dream journal (0/1001)

50.    I want to go to exhibitions and museums more often (0/34)

51.    I want to get a Celtic harp and learn to play it well (0/1)

52.    I want to learn to play my guitar properly (0/1)

53.    I want to learn to play my harmonica recorder properly (0/1)

54.    I want to learn the languages I have studied well and use them every day (0/20)

55.    I want to learn the sign language (0/1)

56.    I want to succeed in our economical plans this year, have given 10th of our total income to charity and saved another 10th, and become debt free. (0/4)

57.    I want to fix our apartment and decorate it to fit our personalities and life. I want a comfortably, homey and inviting home. (0/1)

58.    I want to invite and entertain guests (0/?)

59.    I want to have a nice, blooming and green balcony, to grow at least some of our food there and have a herbal garden, and learn to use them well (0/3)

60.    I want to take the 100 species challenge and learn to forest wild food and use it, and forest more, pick mushrooms and berries and wild herbs, and I want to learn to make preserves, sweet and savory (0/100 – 0/1 – 0/1)

61.    I want to have a “proper” tea party every now and then, and I want a Lomonosov tea set, or something as fancy and posh 😀 (0/?)

62.    I want to celebrate the other 7 Sabbaths as “throroughly” as Yule, and have boxes with good decorations for each of the 8 Sabbaths – and I want to celebrate Shabats and other feasts too, properly (0/20 – 0/34)

63.    I want to make a kite and fly it (0/2)

64.    I need to write my will – Create a living will.

65.    I need to
a) get my sewing machine fixed and start sewing.
b) I want to get myself a whole new wardrobe in my own ethnic- shabby-romantic-bohemian style.
c) I want to get a corset and
d) wear it in public, and
e) I want to start wearing real clothes in daytime and not just some old sleepwear.
f) I want to take my shoes to the cobbler. (0/6)

66.    I need to give or throw away all the things that are not being used in this household, at least half of my paper collection, recipes etc. (0/?)

67.    I want to make something of my website (0/1)

68.    I would like to draw family portraits of us all to my mother before she dies. (0/6 – 0/8 – 0/19)

69.    I would like to be a letter writer and write a letter to all my siblings once a month. (0/34)

70.    I would like to be a card sender and send holiday cards to everyone I know. I want to make the cards myself (0/50)

71.    I would like to have an academic education and be a real lawyer. (0/1)
I want to learn different studying, learning and memorizing techniques before that.  (0/3)
I want to learn short hand writing and practice it daily by writing discussions in a buss or a restaurant. (0/1 – 0/1001)

72.    I want to “put a secret in a library book” (0/1)

73.    I want to send a Pen Pal Balloon and a Message in a Bottle (0/2)

74.    I want to make “bottles of hope” (0/?)

75.    I want at least 2 dozens of handkerchiefs “to reduce paper waste” (0/24)

76.    I want to make me a dorodango with the Kangaslampi dirt (0/1)

77.    I want to follow my efforts to make this list happen in a specific blog with photos of the projects during and after the completion. (6/1001)

78.    I want to become a better blog pal – visit at least 10 blogs every week of which at least 2 new, and leave comments (1/34)

79.    I want to sing karaoke and make a speech in public (0/2)

80.    I want to meet an internet friend (0/1(

81.    I want to learn to make yogurt, quark, cheese (0/3)

82.    I want to learn to make candles and to sculp them (0/2)

83.    I want to learn to make soap and other bath products and such (0/?)

84.    I want to make my own pads and keep a health journal where I track my menstrual cycle and my allergy (0/2)

85.    I want to go out, just Henric and me, once a month, and I want to see an operetta in a real theatre and live hockey game with him (0/34)

86.    I want to plant at least one tree every year (0/3)

87.    I want to replace all the plants we have ever had and keep them alive and well his time. (0/20)

88.    I want to learn hooping (0/1)

89.    I want to become a good portrait painter (0/1)

90.    I want to learn to cast spells and get active with it (0/2)

91.    I want to click for free every day (0/1001)

92.    I want to treat myself things and books from my wishlists (0/34)

93.    I want to donate blood (0/5)

94.    I want to do the dishes every day and the laundry once a week – in spite of everything (18/1001 – 0/143)

95.    I want to visit the library more often and be better with returning the books (1/34)

96.    I want to start making and keeping meal plans (0/34)

97.    I want to get D&D and learn to play it and have a game night with our friends (0/2)

98.    I want to learn how to figure skate (0/1)

99.    I want to learn to deal with stress, expectations and overachieving (0/1)

100.    I want to trace my family tree from mother’s side to at least as long as my father’s side – 6 generations (3/6)

101.    Reduce Yahoo e-mail account inbox to less than 100 e-mails. (1000/1800)

As you can see, this list is rather compiled 😀 I think in reality it should be at least twice as long.

101 things in 1001 days

P.S. The first day will be 1.2.2009 and the last day 30.10.2011

P.P.S. I realized that I made my list somewhat hastily… so I have to organize and rethink it. I don’t want to change it though. I still want to do what’s on the list. 🙂

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