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I really want…

to be a writer. I want to be an author. But I can’t write. What I have is just not interesting enough… or at least that is what Daniel Heath says…

Writer’s block is not a metaphysical condition. Writer’s block just means there’s something wrong with your story: either your plot is lousy, or your main characters aren’t up to snuff, or the characters don’t fit the plot, or all of the above. Recognizing this is not especially helpful, however. It’s like saying, “The thing you did wrong on your math test was that you suck at math.”

So… the thing I do wrong with my writing is that I suck at it.

I suppose it’s just to accept LOL I AM a writer. I want to write, I love to write, I need to write, I like what I write, I just don’t write ENOUGH.

It’s interesting though. When I was younger I had no problems in writing short stories. Some were really good. I still like reading them. But now… It just doesn’t… it doesn’t START.

I have all these great ideas and if I just could write down my dreams, I’d have scripts and books to make me a millionaire.

I’m writing for Script Frenzy. I have managed to write one and a half pages. Yes, 1 1/2 of 100. I thought 100 pages was easy piecy, but it’s April 13th and I have managed to write one and a half page during these two weeks. With this rate it will take me two and a half years to finish the 100 pages manuscript LOL

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