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Ride the wild wind

Ride the wild wind
Push the envelope don’t sit on the fence
Ride the wind
Live life on the razor’s edge
Gonna ride the whirlwind
It ain’t dangerous – enough for me

Get your head down baby we’re gonna ride tonight
Your angel eyes are shining bright
I wanna take your hand – lead you from this place
Gonna leave it all behind
Check out of this rat race

Ride the wild wind
Ride the wild wind
Gonna ride the wild wind
It ain’t dangerous – enough for me

Tie your hair back baby
We’re gonna ride tonight
We got freaks to the left
We got jerks to the right
Sometimes I get so low – I just have to ride
Let me take your hand
Let me be your guide

Ride the wild wind
Ride the wild wind
Gonna ride the wild wind
It ain’t dangerous – enough for me

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“Some say that the legend of Agnes sprang from the cult of the Danish goddess Yngona.”

St. Agnes by Shonnie Scarola
St. Agnes by Catherine Fournier

One of the biggest insults the Christianity has offered to Paganity is “Christening” the Pagan Gods. Annis, a strong and independent Virgin Goddess was made on the one hand into a hideous blue-faced crone, and on the other into this innocent and pure child. Both ways made that the Pagan Goddess was reduced.

Interesting little detail here is that in Swedish, the place where all the witches go to dance on Beltane is called “BlΓ₯kulla” “Blue Hill”. “Kulla” also means “girl”. In Finland this hill was said to be made of glass and so polished only virgins could get up there. So there’s a nice correlation between the Agnes, protector of innocent girls, and the hideous blue witch Annis. I’m sure to anyone who was trying to violate virgins, a meeting with Annis was horrifying experience, and afterwards the reason to the meeting was played down, and the hideousness of the avenging and protecting Goddess was played up. And, sure, if you don’t know that a person is being punished for rape, the punishment might seem unfair and evil.

nnis day feast

Perfect Entertaining: Six Course Rack of Lamb Menu
Hinamatsuri – Girls’ Day in Japan

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There was a message in my mail box… Posted on Friday, I just read it.

“Have you got what it takes to be Knitting Champion of the World?
Yarnmonkey launches the latest global knitting battle!”
ore info here: - http://www.yarn-monkey.blogspot.com/

It should take a couple of months, March and April. Of course I joined. *sigh* I know, I’m mad, stupid, and everything else, but, come on now, I CAN NOT resist a temptation like that LOL

No, I don’t expect to win, but I think it will be fun. The Sock War was great πŸ™‚

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Dogs do play with yarn…

Dogs play with yarn. Here’s the photo evidence. He had the yarn THREE TIMES around his neck, and once around back legs, and it was also twisted around a chair on the right of me from where I stood taking the picture. It took me about an hour to clear the mess.
Oh, and about the mess… I didn’t realize how messy my home is before taking this picture. I told my hubby that I can’t possible EVER publish this photo, but he said that it’s a good photo, and I’m a good person, even though my home looks like a garbage pit. Well, that mess is cleaned up as well. But I’m still ashamed.
But as my hubby says, if anyone judges me by the cleanliness of my home, it’s THEIR problem, not mine. But I think it’s my problem. It’s *me* living here, not they. Anyway… I took the picture without noticing how messy it is, and it’s just a good picture. Of dog playing with yarn.
Funny enough not one of our cats played with yarnballs like this. And one of them was totally cord crazy. Couldn’t see a yarn, thread or cord without jumping on it. Except my crafts.

(Edited 22.1.
Now it’s official… I’m stupid honest.

If your house is really a mess and a stranger comes to the door,
greet them with, “who could have done this? We have no enemies.”

~Phyllis Diller

From Turkeyfeathers blog )

The other picture is of my peacock socks. The pattern will be at Socknitters’ sock challenge book, which is going to be free on-line. So, keep your eyes open, I suppose the book will come out this year.

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When angels sing

There are no sounds
As pure as rain
Or soothing as wind
Except when angels sing
As powder plumes
Their falling cavalcades
Of crystal brooms
Sweep needles green
As morning reveals
Other bone white limbs
Of those gone before
And starry tiaras above
Are glittering tears
Cried for those we loved
And autumn’s amber seas
Of scarlet crimson scenes
Are flowers of the rainbow
Reflecting the love of God
In pastel effusions
Of rose emerald blue

— Wesley A. Storer

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I really need to get the socks on the paper, better than just this:

and this is what I am doing… crocheting tulips for no reason what so ever… Isn’t it interesting how the mind works? “Now I’m going to write down a couple of sock patterns, and then it’s done”. An hour later you sit there with a nice pattern, that would look nice as a little girl’s spring jacket. You can make the leaves in green, and the rest in what ever color you want. For example, have the background in light blue and flower line in pink… Oh so cute!
Or you could make a square in an aran crochet afghan. It’s rather easy pattern, and I can think of many uses πŸ™‚ And I can think of many different applications πŸ˜‰

Uh. Back to socks.

Er… are you sure you wouldn’t rather have a new washcloth pattern? *she asks hopefully*

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Now I have posted all the instructions to the 12 dishcloths πŸ™‚
Partridge in a pear tree
two turtledoves
three French hens
four calling birds

five golden rings
six geese a-laying
seven swans a-swimming

eight maidens milking
nine ladies dancing
ten lords a-leaping

eleven pipers piping
twelve drummers drumming

Someone said that she’s knitting an afghan with these squares for her favorite aunt as Christmas present πŸ™‚ I’m very flattered and glad about that πŸ™‚ I hope her aunt will like it πŸ™‚ (Well… I like anything my niece gives to me, especially when she has made it herself, so I think she will… but I’m nevertheless very flattered, delighted and humble about my design being accepted by a niece *blush* :-))

Have fun πŸ™‚

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